Day 174 (of 184) SOLE summary

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Day 174 (of 184) SOLE summary

Self Organized Learning Environments. The idea was best articulated when I read “Beyond the Hole in the Wall” by Sugata Mitra, whose Ted Talk inspired me to continue some of my own explorations into technology and education and led to a concept I coined “technologization”. But most of my work was focused on individual learners, or occasional partnerships as we explored what has evolved as “geniushour”.

But SOLEs……that was something very different and radical (and I consider myself a pretty good disruptor [in a positive way] of traditional education) and something worth taking some time to explore.

I had already seen first hand how a classroom full of laptops can foster a caring, curious, and very engaged learning community. I also witnessed ‘too tight’ restrictions rather than ‘just right’ fits for technology in schools limited learning; one platform does not fit all and mobility…

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