Presenting your Research: How does it look?

So you’ve done you research, written it up, got some great findings, conclusions, recommendations and ideas for further research! Congratulations! Just a few last pointers on how to polish the presentation of your research up so that it looks really tip top. The aim is of course to make it easily communicable but also really professional looking so that it is accessible as well as a pleasure to read. Images, tables and graphs, when used well, can add real value to your work and should be used if and when possible to help simplify and refine your key messages and findings.

Here is a checklist for presentation of research reports to give you some reminders:

• Is the structure and layout of your research report clear?
• Does it follow a logical sequence, so as to deliver a meaningful narrative, readily comprehensible?
• Have you checked the language you have used in your report?
• Is it fully comprehensible?
• Are there any errors of grammar, syntax, punctuation, which may lead to ambiguity or lack of clarity?
• Have you used a range of tables, graphs, diagrams and illustrations to support and give further insight into the issues and points being made?
• Have you clearly labelled and numbered tables, graphs, diagrams and illustrations?
• How you acknowledged the source of all tables, graphs, diagrams and illustrations (even if you have created them)?
• Have you made reference to all tables, graphs, diagrams and illustrations in the text of your report?
• If you have used appendices for subsidiary information, have you made reference to them within the text?
• Have you ensured you have engaged in copious referencing both to clearly indicate the source(s) of information and to add authority to the narrative or arguments?
• Have you referenced in the correct format?
• Have you made sure that your list of references is complete and set out using the correct conventions?
• Have you made sure your presentation is consistently excellent, and enhances the clarity of the content?
• Does your presentation provide evidence of care and attention to detail throughout your report?

So now it looks fab, where will you present it? 🙂

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