Everyone can be a critic, but what have you done lately?

Sunday morning sermon type thoughts:

1) Treat other people as you’d like to be treated
2) Show mercy that you may be shown mercy
3) Take the rafter out of your own eye before you go looking at the straw in your brother’s eye
4) Those who live by the sword, die by the sword

My pontification and reflections mean something like:

1) If you’re someone who is always critical of and tearing down the work of others, don’t be surprised when that comes around and bites you on the bum
2) If you want other people to understand why you sometimes fall short and to take some mitigating circumstances into account, then make sure you give that same leeway to them, otherwise, why should they?
3) Everyone has their faults. The whole world isn’t wrong and it isn’t just you who are right. You’re not perfect either.
4) If you’re going to give it out, make sure you can stand up and take it when it comes back to you in equal measure. If you don’t like it when you get it back, maybe you should stop giving it out.

Everyone can be a critic. What have you done lately to actually produce something? Can you do, and have you proven through track record that you can do what you are pulling other people down for? If not then come back when you have.

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