Resolving Sophie’s Choice: #rED14

A cool tool for tomorrow’s conference here… No-one has offered me confectionary to attend their session yet though 😎


If you’re anything like me, three things are happening:

1. You have the ResearchEd 2014 schedule laid out in front of you, utterly paralysed by the choice.
2. Despite the gravity of the problem that faces you, you’re as giddy as an infant on Christmas Eve. The cocktail of emotions only further excites you.
3. Your girlfriend is sighing and shaking her head, whilst browsing through ex-boyfriends’ Facebook pages wondering what the hell happened.

Fear not!

I’ve developed a fool-proof – no, it’s better than that – teacher-proof system to make the most effective choices of who to see at this year’s hottest educational conference.

Step 1: Take a row in which you are having difficulty deciding who to see (all of the rows).

Step 2: Score each speaker(s) based on the criteria below

Step 3: Take a big black marker and circle the speaker who scores…

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