Snake oil is dead, long live snake oil: on the use of pedagogic tools as an antidote

Some valuable analysis and discussion here on the topic of learning styles 🌟

There has been some talk about snake oil on eduBLOG’s recently. It is usually followed by a denigration of learning styles and Brain Gym. The former I have used, myself,  as an example of the pedagogic illiteracy of the ruling orthodoxy of education.The latter I have seen in Tesco but not so much in education.

Learning styles emerged in the fields of Education and Psychology. Many have found evidence of its validity, and many have not found any evidence at all. I won’t list them but there are over 300,000 learning styles posts on Google scholar many making claims to some efficacy or other. Brain Gym on the other hand has less posts but still over 3,000, which was a surprise. However I doubt that Brain Gym has ever been that serious a proposition in education. On the other hand learning styles has been a serious proposition not just in education…

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