When people fall out… The Vicar of Dibley Says…

So you’ve had a falling out. Someone doesn’t agree with you. You don’t agree with them. They don’t like something you did. Or you don’t like something they did. They said something about you. Harsh words were spoken, to your face or behind your back. They aren’t on your Christmas card list anymore. Everyone has trounced off and slammed doors behind them. Hrmph.

My Vicar of Dibley ‘altar’ ego says:

– Be a grown up and walk away if you can’t work it out
– Don’t try and make people take sides. And don’t take sides. It’s your battle. Not someone else’s.
– Don’t gossip about it if you don’t know about it or weren’t there. You’re quite sad if you do. You don’t know enough of either side of the matter and is it any of your business? Really?
– There might be some truth in something you’ve heard. There might be a lot you don’t know as well. Don’t judge lest you be judged.
– Just because someone else has fallen out with someone doesn’t mean you have to fall out with them too. You can still quite happily be ok with both parties.
– Don’t meddle in other people’s affairs. Don’t try and stir. Don’t make things worse. Why would you do that?
– If someone comes to you bitching about someone else, the most effective remedy is often to say why you, on the other hand, quite like that person.
– Everyone has their faults. Don’t fight someone else’s battles and don’t get sucked in to other people’s circus and monkeys.
– Stay grown up and let other people be. We are all different and nobody gets along all the time. Clashes will occur. Diversity is the spice of life. Everyone is much too busy with their own circus to get drawn in to other people’s.

Have a great Sunday 😘

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