Somebody somewhere said it was outstanding to… 

… put a list of lesson objectives on the wall and tick them off as they get done during class time so that students know where we are up to and what is still to be done. 

So putting a list of activities on the wall to work through and ticking them off as you work through them is outstanding classroom practice? Why?

I’ve been told this each time over the last few years when I’ve been given a 2 for good, but not a 1 for outstanding. So I tried the list thing. And you could see the hearts and faces fall. All the stuff we are going to plough through. One by one. No surprise. A boring list. And the implication that as soon as the stuff on it has been ticked off then surely you can leave. So hurry up then. Get it ticked off. Have we done yet? Can we go now? Oh no! All THAT still to do!!! Hearts and faces fall again. 

No. I’m not writing a list and ticking it off as we go. It’s demoralising and boring. Takes out any sense of adventure and the unknown. 

6 thoughts on “Somebody somewhere said it was outstanding to… 

  1. The point of this sort of thing is supposed to show learners where they are going and to give them opportunity to reflect, but you’re right, it is insanely tedious.

    I like to pose the outcomes as questions, get the students to discuss in groups what their answers are, then go onto the lesson giving very little feedback, except to say that we will do the same at the end of the lesson, by which time they should know the answers. Much more engaging and provides a nice frame to the lesson.

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  2. I found this a bit sad when I first heard of it, (no going off on related tangent when the kids come up with something interesting!), but for one of my classes the structure works really well. I use it in lessons where I break from a routine so students (particularly autistic students) can have a sense of where we are heading. I agree though, for some of my classes it would be a death knell on their enthusiasm! Ace post!

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