Easter Break

Some great stuff happened this week: I did my MOS Word 2010 Expert level exam and passed on Monday night; I was observed by my PGCE mentor on Tuesday morning and got grade 1 outstanding; I did my part in a mini group presentation in my PGCE class on Tuesday night and felt that went well; got observed by my PGCE tutor on Wednesday afternoon and got positive feedback but no formal grade or qualitative official feedback yet for that; made the transition from controlled assessments to exam revision in all my GCSE English classes; got all my marking done on Friday as well as that of a colleague; sorted out printing for most of our mock exams for our directorate team on Friday, and got controlled assessment portfolio front sheets printed for my students, signed by me, and ready for them to sign in the week back after Easter. 

I’ve also been stepping up my game at the gym. I’m currently trying really hard to run 1.5 miles on the treadmill in 12 minutes. At the moment I’m at 22 minutes. Yes, I’ve got to work harder. But at least I’m a minute up on my previous record from earlier in the week already. Yesterday morning I maintained my 22 minutes but kept going and managed 5k in 46 minutes. I’m using the interval training method at the moment: I.e. running top speed I can manage for as long as possible, then slowing down a bit, then pushing harder for longer. The highest speed I can manage at the moment is 10km per hour. But not for long. However, I’m working on it 🙂
In my visit to the gym yesterday I was sitting in the sauna after my treadmill and rowing machine efforts, when I started musing about the aqua aerobics I could see going on in the pool through the door in front of me. ‘That’s a waste of time’ I thought, dismissively, to myself. Well for me it would be. But then I got chatting with an elderly lady who came into the sauna after taking part. 
She explained it was that or the ironing on a Saturday morning and she didn’t fancy the ironing. She had also had a hip replacement recently and wasn’t allowed to do much but had to keep moving. She also benefited from interaction with others she came into contact with at the pool. It was getting out, doing stuff, and talking to people. Generally good for well being. 
We chatted some more and after it came out I was flying off on holiday today her mind flitted to the bad news about the airplane crashes this week. She was deeply shocked by the suicidal pilot who had been suffering from depression. The conversation triggered her to mention that she believed in general though that people had the right to end their own life if they had really had enough, whether due to financial problems or illness or whatever. 
I had a different view, although sympathetic with hers; mine was of course swayed by the idea of safeguarding of minors under the age of 18, the helping of young lives, who, feeling despondent, may sometimes wish not to be here anymore, or simply cry for help. These of course need saving. It would be neglectful on our count not to. 
The elderly lady I was chatting with agreed but came back to a grit point of view: she had been a war baby, grown up in a generation of discipline, and was generally aghast at the rule contrary generation growing up around her in society at today. 
It was a good conversation for reflection. We know what we think when we chat, we know why sometimes, but we are also reminded of other points of view that enrich us. 
Have a good Easter and happy holidays, Carol x

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