Use Traffic Lights for Quick Asssessment of Learning 

How can you do a quick and instant check on learning as you’re teaching? Sometimes you can use learners’ faces or involvement in a task as a gauge. Other times you need some feedback. You can just ask them but of course you need an individual response. You can do it by show of hands or something else. Of course they may not tell you the truth, which requires another way of checking. They might not want to admit in front of peers they don’t get something, so you still need to follow up by continual assessment anyway. 
However, in spite of the obstacles above, you need to do something. Another method, similar to show of hands, with a bit more finesse and fun, might be to use the traffic light method. 
Using the below images, every time you want to check learning in the middle of a session, hold up the traffic light image below. 
Get students to respond quickly by holding up a corresponding card (cards on tables in front of them) from the red, yellow or green cards below. 
Then, if they all hold up the green card, give them a quick multiple choice test and select students at random who you think may be weaker to provide an answer if they can. 
If you think they are really all green, move on. If you suspect some are really yellow have an extension learning task up your sleeve to help. Use the green card students to help provide assistance. 
If you think there are some reds then back to square one and re-evaluate teaching, but also using green card students to help. 
Adopt a fluid seating plan and groupings to accommodate. 

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