Studio Schools: Experience as a teacher, student or parent of a student at one?

So today I heard for the first time about something called Studio Schools – there are currently 37 of them in the UK. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard the term. I’d heard of Free Schools and PRUs, Academies and Community Schools… but not Studio Schools. As I work in FE they do seem an interesting idea: basically a 14-19 provision of a free school nature, combining the National Curriculum with vocational training and work experience, commonly in a 9am to 5pm working environment.

According to wikipedia a criticism of them is that 14 is considered too young for vocational training and the world of work. Well, I realise that the learning leaving age is now 18, but my mum left school in the 1950s at the age of 14 and she had quite a strong work ethic. I think she preferred work to school and appreciated feeling valued through remuneration. I’m not sure that the 14-19 year olds who attend Studio Schools get any financial benefits from their work experiences, but I’d be interested to hear more. I wonder also what the long term destination data says about employability versus long term unemployment of students who have in the past attended Studio Schools? Also in comparison to achievement data of course.

A full list of Studio Schools is available on the DfE website in the complete list of UK schools, with addresses, school type information, and telephone numbers.

I’ve also copy pasted a list here. Anyone out there with experiences of sending a child to be a student there? Or someone who has taught there perhaps? Please share your experiences and thoughts, pros and cons below in comments.

  1. The Midland Studio College Hinckley, Spa Lane, Hinckley
  2. The Da Vinci Studio School of Science and Engineering, Monkswood Way, Stevenage
  3. Tendring Enterprise Studio School, Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea
  4. Stoke Studio College for Construction and Building Excellence, A Block, Stoke-on-Trent
  5. Parkside Studio College, Wood End Green Road, Hayes
  6. LeAF Studio, Holloway Avenue, Bournemouth
  7. Bradford Studio School, 88 Thornton Road, Bradford
  8. Barnfield Business and Enterprise Studio, 1 – 9 York Street, Luton
  9. The Studio School Liverpool, 41 Greenland Street, Liverpool
  10. Stoke Studio College for Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Moorland Road, Stoke
  11. Devon Studio School, Newton Road, Torquay
  12. The Midland Studio College Nuneaton, St David’s Way, Nuneaton
  13. Rye Studio School, The Grove, Rye
  14. New Campus Basildon Studio School, Church Walk House, Church Walk, Basildon
  15. Waverley Studio College, 311 Yardley Green Road, Birmingham
  16. Walsall Studio School, 14a Lower Hall Lane, Walsall
  17. The Da Vinci Studio School of Creative Enterprise, The Old Grammar School
  18. Letchworth Garden City
  19. Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio, Police Street, Darwen
  20. The Future Tech Studio, Winwick Road, Warrington
  21. Vision Studio School, Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield
  22. Knutsford Academy The Studio, Bexton Road, Knutsford
  23. Space Studio Banbury, Ruskin Road, Banbury
  24. The Bath Studio School, Frome Road, Bath
  25. Isle of Wight Studio School, Grange Road, East Cowes
  26. Studio West, West Denton Way, Newcastle upon Tyne
  27. Dorset Studio School, Kingston Maurward, Dorchester
  28. Sir Frank Whittle Studio School, Bitteswell Road, Lutterworth
  29. De Salis Studio College, Wood End Green Road. Hayes
  30. Manchester Creative Studio, 16 Blossom Street, Manchester
  31. Apollo Studio Academy, Willerby Grove, Peterlee
  32. Digitech Studio School, Tower Road North, Bristol
  33. Plymouth Studio School, Derriford Road, Plymouth
  34. Atrium Studio School, Balland Lane, Ashburton
  35. Mendip Studio School, Knobsbury Lane, Radstock
  36. Space Studio West London, Letchworth Avenue, Hounslow
  37. The IKB Studio School, Chandag Road, Bristol

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