GCSE English Language Revision Postcard 21: Language Feature Revision – Foundation Paper

This is a simple revision task to help students remember/recall some simple language features such as verbs, adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification. However, rather than identifying examples from text it requires the student to figure them out from a picture, and to be creative and think of examples themselves. The personification task is perhaps the most challenging, and could be aided through discussion first. 

A student got in touch with me yesterday and told me they hadn’t learnt anything since following my snapchat feed, where I also post all these tasks (see englishteach101). I didn’t reply directly because I don’t want to use social media to engage with students directly. I did though post a separate note saying that you would only learn something if you had a go at the task then gave it to someone (ie s teacher?!) for feedback. I’ve told my students to email me any of their attempts at the tasks so I can mark and give feedback. I won’t be doing that for anyone who isn’t my student though, haha. 


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