GCSE English Language Revision Postcard 40: Writing to Describe (Scary Movie Task)

Here’s a revision task to have fun with: another one for question 5 on the AQA foundation paper – writing to describe. See postcard below for the task, and here’s an example of how you might throw some ideas together for this one:
Dear Bertie,
Knock, knock, knocking on your front door.

Tick, tick, tock – as you watch your clock.

Tip-tap, tip-tap – your beating heart… 

Do you have a dread of horror? 
I do now – I’m writing to tell you about the most terrifying film I have ever seen!
Irrefutably, this fearsome B movie will not disappoint as you sit all alone in your cold flat in Fife; hand-on-heart, I promise you, you will feel the extreme, terrific fear of a terrifying fright night and experience the deadly danger and electrifying apprehension of the unpredictable esoteric (or your money back!). Unequivocally, the film I saw is guaranteed to terrify, horrify and petrify, from one end of its repugnant reel to the other. 
Firstly, I was scared witless, tormented, and alarmed, frightened and horrified by this ultimate house-of-horror box of devilish delights. In addition, I felt total terror, alarm and absolute frightful petrification at all the sinisterly spiritual shenanigans simultaneously coming at me like a smorgasbord of supernatural tsunamis through my television screen. Unsurprisingly, I was fearfully apprehensive, and full of anxious consternation the whole way through: uber-edgy, nervous and jumpy to an unimaginable and unfathomable degree. 


Throughout, I was entranced by the menacing, ghostliness of deeply foul-smelling smog. Meanwhile, a noisome spook and a macabre phantom were pitched against each other in this gory, grotesque slasher set in a cliched Victorian London. Perhaps predictably, there was a disgustingly dreadful, ghoulish ghoul; it was ghastly, gruesome, horrendously horrible, totally horrific and monstrous. 
Stunned, in one memorably graphic scene of gratuitous horror, I could taste the victim’s vomit, while she wailed her funerary cries, being ripped asunder by a putrid poltergeist. As would be expected, I recoiled at the repulsively revolting, spooky spectre: it was a terribly horrifying, loathsome spirit – a hideously repugnant, ghostly apparition – full of venomous vengeance; not just your average, grim or grisly ghost. Inevitably, I was so petrified I couldn’t get up to go for a wee until the whole thing had reached its gut-wrenching climax; I just sat wriggling in overwrought angst for 90 nerve-wracking minutes until the fiercely, fiendish fiends had been awesomely apprehended, arbitrarily abyssed, and done away with forever. 
Without a doubt, it was an extremely unpleasant, and atrociously awful experience. Subsequently, if you watch it too, it will scare, frighten and terrorise you, and panicky, petrified fear will always be in close proximity. Unquestionably, you’ll feel a perpetual sense of panic-stricken, petrifying hell, right there in your own living room: terrorised and afraid in trepidation of the dangerous dark and mysterious mist enveloping you on your very own sofa, straight from your wall-hung, flat-screened, plasma TV. 
Will the pale, treacherous and tremulous, timorous hand of chattering, dark and desperate death reach out and grab you garrulously while you bite your lip and clutch the dog-tooth Draylon of your DHS settee? 
Overall, I’d say it was an edge-of-seat-nail-biting, hiding-behind-the-sofa-nerve-jangling, daren’t-go-to-bed-for-week-blood-curdling, wall-eyed-terror-inducing, spine-tingling, hair-raising, super-scary movie. Undeniably, it provided me with a night of sweaty-palm-stomach-churning, knee-knocking, blood-pumping, back of the neck sensory stimulation. 
I loved it… And so will you!
Love, Carol x
PS: Knock, knock… Was that your front door? 


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