Some brilliant writing to describe stimuli! I ❤️ postcards 🙈👍🏻

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a fan of postcards. I used to collect them years ago, and then had a clear out and trashed a load – which I now regret. 

But, a while ago, I can’t remember where or when, I picked up and bought quite a few with book cover pics on the front. I love them. One day I planned to use them as an extension activity in a descriptive writing class, but I’d over planned and they remained unused. 

So, while clearing up and sorting a load of stuff this evening, I decided to blog and share. I may well use them in the future, but it’d be a shame for them not to be used in the meantime by anyone still teaching until the end of the summer term (I’ve finished for the summer now that my GCSE retake class will do their final exam this Tuesday). 

So here they are. The task I was going to set with them was to use them as prompts for a piece of descriptive writing, while setting the challenge of somehow trying to link to something that reminds you of a personal experience. Actually, never mind the students, I enjoy this kind of creative writing task for fun myself. Anyone want to have a go? 🙂 

The postcards are below! Have fun. 

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