Head-Hunting. Use Your Head: Classroom Props for Jekyll & Hyde. In 2 minds?

Sian Cumming (@siancarter1) recently posted this great tweet, depicting student use of polystyrene heads in order to teach the concept of duality and the different personalities of the characters, Jekyll and Hyde. 

If you look on EBay you can purchase polystyrene heads for £4 up, as so:

Admittedly, it’s costly, and I don’t think many teachers would get budget to do this, especially if they had several classes with 25-30 students in each. However, this weekend I was in Spitalfields Market, London, and I met this nice lady on her hat stall:

As you can see in the image she also uses polystyrene heads, probably more for the purpose they were intended. I liked what she has done with the papier-mâché – this was her own adaptation to the heads that had cost her about a fiver each. While we both talked about keeping costs down for teaching purposes, she came up with the idea of students making their own heads or masks out of papier-mâché or plaster of Paris. Practicalities and length of time aside, I thought that a brilliant idea. Also, if all else failed, what is wrong with cutting an oval mask shape out of A4 paper and simply using that?

Update: I just searched on EBay again and saw you can obtain polystyrene heads for 99p up, but these were from one off second hand suppliers I think, so those prices might not be reliable. 

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