9 English activities for 9 days of term left… 

Just 9 school days left before the winter break, starting this Sunday. So here’s my English teacher 9 day advent calendar of … fun? Well, 9 things to do in class until you all break free 😉
1. Take an existing seasonal song and put your own words to it to help you remember and use discourse markers when writing or speaking. Record your song. 

2. Write a poem about skating on thin ice. Use lots of sibilance. Record your poem. 

3. Plan and perform a role play where you use a range of rhetorical devices to persuade someone to buy you a really expensive gift of your choice. Be sure to use emotive language and anecdote. Video your role play. 

4. In a group, enact a dramatical scene where you are a team of researchers en route to the North Pole to find out what really happens there on 23rd December. You encounter a dying reindeer and help to save it. What happens next? Video your drama. 

5. You went out for a winter walk in a forest in Lapland. You saw some unbelievable things that delighted and amazed your eyes. Write a letter to your grandma to tell her all about it. Make sure you use lots of alliteration and triplets. 

6. “The best gift ever” – write a news article for the Winter Weekly using that title. The actual news story is up to you. Make sure you use lots of superlatives. 

7. In groups, create a mannequin challenge with 12 scenes: each to represent something that happened in each month this year. 

8. Write a message of hope for all those enduring difficult times this winter and make a pledge to do more to help those less fortunate than yourselves, explaining how others can too. 

9. Create a ten question winter break kahoot quiz to test fellow students on all the knowledge they’ve learned this year. 

Happy end of term! 🙂

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