A UAE 600ft tall outdoor climbing wall – but what to call it?

climbing wall

While I’m travelling through the UAE desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the speed of light on the ‘Desert Bullet’ and I whiz past the 300m high Golden Camel while drones the size of hot air balloons lift sightseers on top to have their souvenir photos taken, my mind drifts to what else the UAE needs to start breaking more world records.

One thing that came to mind was a climbing wall. So I googled that and it turns out that Abu Dhabi is actually all set to have the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall, ‘Clymb’, which is due to open next to Yas Mall next year. It’s going to be 43 meters, beating the world’s current tallest climbing wall by 6 meters: the Excalibur in The Netherlands presently stands at 37 meters (121 feet). But the Excalibur is outdoor, and the Clymb will be indoor.

But then, upon further research, I found that actually there are several other (outdoor) climbing walls that exceed the above records. Firstly, is Georgia USA’s 140ft ‘Historic Banning Mills’ (in the December 2011 Guinness Book of World Records, that one). Then, at 164ft ‘Comm Row Hotel’s Base Camp’ (Reno, USA). And then at a blisteringly dizzying 540ft there’s the ‘Diga di Luzzone’ on the side of a dam in Switzerland – THE current tallest, outdoor climbing wall in the whole world.

I guess therefore what I’m needing is a 600ft outdoor climbing wall to put the UAE well ahead of all the rest. I’m thinking as a first thought somewhere near Ras Al Khaimah’s Via Ferrata by the side of the UAE’s tallest mountain, the Jebel Jais. The Jebel Jais is 1934m high (6345ft). Therefore, a 600ft (183m) tall outdoor climbing wall wouldn’t look out of place there. Also, it’d be in the right spot for climbing enthusiasts and lovers of the UAEs longest zip slide (Via Ferrata).

Alternatively, if the thought arose that perhaps such an outdoor climbing wall might impinge on the natural beauty of the mountain range there, then it could just be put near the 300m high Golden Camel in the middle of the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In fact, the world’s largest drones serving tourists at the camel could also drop people off at the top of the climbing wall and let them just go down instead of having to go up as well. Quite convenient in all that heat. It would also be something else to look out of the window at fleetingly from the comfort of the Desert Bullet. Let it be called, ‘Desert High’.

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