Just the facts? 

Questions for Debate

Who selects the facts?

If we didn’t have facts, would we have opinions?

If we didn’t have opinions, would we need to go back to the facts?

Are facts open to interpretation?

Do we ever have all the facts?

How do we know when a fact is a fact?

Is a fact a fact only until we can prove it wrong?

To ensure something is a fact must we be able to test it?

Is this the nature of science?

Can we make the teaching of English scientific?

Should we have a sub-discipline of English language and literature called English facts? Or are English language and literature a sub-discipline of English facts?

If English is a testable science, is English science fiction just for movies, hobbies and interests?

Are humans who swallow and regurgitate facts just robots in denial of what it means to be human?

Who has the hegemony on facts?

If we question the facts, whose authority are we undermining?

If we decide that the facts are unpleasant, what change would we wish to initiate to make it not so?

Can we just use the facts to change the facts or do we need more?

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