Positive Gossiping & Rumour Spreading? #WomenEd

Positive Gossiping & Rumour Spreading: #WomenEd
English language studies has long revealed an assumed covert tendency in the female use of language to gossip and spread rumours. On the other hand, other studies suggested men held overt verbal dominance in communication through interruptions. Undercutting both these ideas is the concept of heterogeneity: both men and women can be guilty of both to greater and lesser degrees. 
But are they both always a bad thing anyway? An old proverb says something like someone sharing a secret is separating those familiar with one another – i.e. people going behind someone’s back and making snipey comments can break current or potential friendships and other relationships. And of course although shared comments may be grounded in some element of truth, they may also just be the jaundiced opinion of one disgruntled person, embellished to suit their own ends, and may be completely unfounded or unreasonably interpreted and spread with malice. So in this context I’d say that gossip and rumour spreading are vile and just serve to ruin people. Close it down. 
So when can rumour spreading and gossiping ever be a good thing? 
In the world of marketing when things go viral by word of mouth it’s worth it’s media coverage weight in gold. 
So what to share?
Is it good, kind, true and will it help someone? Share it!

Will it damage anyone? Don’t share it!

Is it serving a positive end? Share it!

Is someone going out of their way, using time and energy to trash someone? Shut it down! Haven’t you got anything better to be doing? 

Anything negative? Focus on something better! 

Will this separate people? Ignore it!

Will this allow people to get together and build something positive? Share it!

Don’t like it? Forget about it! Move on. Mind your own business. Don’t get wrapped up in the he said she said. 
Small people talk about people. Average people talk about events. Great people talk about great ideas. 
Feel like a good gossip? Focus on saying something positive. Spread the good. Ignore the bad. Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Let’s see what we can build today and not destroy. 
Congratulate. Celebrate. Be happy for people and share in their joy. 

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