My #Nurture1718 blog post by @DrCWebbBAPhD – as seen on the #WomenEd blog

As seen on the #WomenEd blog: A #Nurture1718 blog post by @DrCWebbBAPhD

Five things from 2017 that can loosely be deemed successes

1. I learned how to read, write and speak / listen to basic Arabic at a language school in Jordan over the summer. It was intense, but I lived to tell the tale. Mabrouk to me!

2. I swam, sorry, floated in the Dead Sea on several occasions and visited many historical sights throughout Jordan, including: the ‘bedroom’ at Azraq Castle where Lawrence of Arabia stayed for a week in WW1; a variety of other castles besides; The ‘Blessed Tree’, which sits flourishing amidst arid desert land out towards the Syrian/Iraq border; the baptism site of Jesus at the River Jordan; Macchaerus Fortress ruins and its breathtakingly stunning surrounding scenery – the site where Herod imprisoned and decapitated John the Baptist; the site of ancient Pella, where Christians were told by Jesus to flee to for safety from Jerusalem in his prophesy about its fall; the ruins at Umm Qais, the possible site of ancient Gadara, where a demonically possessed herd of pigs ran off from into the Sea of Galilee just below (views of the Golan Heights just to the right); the Roman ruins of the city of Jerash, north of Amman; and of course sites in Amman where I stayed as well, including the amphitheatre (saw an opera there one night too), the Citadel with the remains of the giant statue of Hercules, and the old Amman railway station, which used to join the dots of the Middle East and run between Damascus in Syria and Medina in Saudi.

3. I got back into working in HE after a few years away: thoroughly loving teaching MA Education Leadership & Management with a great group of teachers based in the UAE. Some of them are SLT/MLT already and a few aspiring. This also led to the invitation to a deliver a CPD session with a Dubai international private school, which I thoroughly enjoyed with a great bunch of lovely MLT.

4. Started some fascinating research into global gender gap issues and female leadership and delivered a research seminar on the topic. I’m also due to present a paper on the same theme at a conference at the end of January.

5. I continued to live in permanently warm and sunny Dubai, moving out from school accommodation into my own rented apartment – a big step out here with many challenges, but well worth it for a time at least.

Things I’m hoping will come to pass in 2018

1. Continue to work in HE, with more focus in the education field

2. Get a few books and journal papers published

3. Increasingly align values and vision with workplace and practice

4. Continue to engage in personally meaningful, impactful and enjoyable CPD for my own development as well as others

5. I will aim to carry on improving my beginner level Arabic. And of course, World Peace.

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