Abstract: Proposing the Need for an Integrated Diversity Agenda for European Business, Management and Social Policy at the Regional Level. By Webb, C (2008).

“Proposing the Need for an Integrated Diversity Agenda for European Business, Management & Social Policy at the Regional Level”

Submitted to and presented at the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Global Diversity Management (GDM): Mainstreaming Diversity through Effective CSR Programmes in Global Organisations’ Track of the 8th EURAM Conference, May 2008, Ljubljana & Bled, Slovenia

Dr Carol Webb

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of current thinking on the topic of diversity and diversity management. The field of concern spans the organizational context as well as the social and regional sphere and a core premise of this paper is that in order to conduct significant and effective diversity management the endeavour as a methodological starting point, approach, and any interventions must be integrated across these different units of analysis and application. This paper considers the context of the European Union, outlines the opportunities and challenges presented by diversity, and summarises recently proposed methods for diversity management which appear to offer value. The substantial gap identified presents a lack of frameworks, approaches and methods which step up to the challenge of conducting diversity management at
the integrated regional level to encompass the social as well as the organizational contexts of diversity.

Read full paper at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Carol_Webb6/publication/322722423_Proposing_the_Need_for_an_Integrated_Diversity_Agenda_for_European_Business_Management_Social_Policy_at_the_Regional_Level/links/5a6b483f0f7e9b1c12d3726e/Proposing-the-Need-for-an-Integrated-Diversity-Agenda-for-European-Business-Management-Social-Policy-at-the-Regional-Level.pdf

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