Teach a Class a Song! No Piano Needed!

Who has heard of Choon Baboon on YouTube? I discovered it today and just had to pass it on for any teachers out there with groups or classes they are thinking of doing some singing with in the run up to the Christmas hols.

First, do a warm up! See eg https://youtu.be/K5ibRYDBFTw for one of those, complete with upper body, face, mouth and vocal chord warm up. Get the kids to stand up to do this preferably. If your group still needs a little more to get them in the mood for singing, try warm up 2 at https://youtu.be/rm3mHp7cWbw

Then, you’re ready for your first song! Check out for example the teaching video for “superhero” at https://youtu.be/hJ1_0jyioQE – decide if it’s the right level for your class, or choose a different one. I saw this one in action with a key stage 3 special needs group but it might be too young for many secondary school pupils. I liked this song for the group in question and they seemed to enjoy it too. They also liked another that the teacher led with sign language. So many possibilities with all this!

Once you’ve gone through the teaching video, try the singalong version at https://youtu.be/bThx9vbzpFk

Great for a nurture group to contribute to the Christmas show – and no piano needed!

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