I am an English teacher – focussing on GCSE English at the moment, but shortly to move into Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 5 as well. I blog about teaching, English and my reflections. My blog is very directed towards students taking their GCSE English Language exam right now, and I am providing a lot of revision tasks and tools to help with that. As such, this blog would no doubt be useful to such students as well as parents wanting to help them revise and do their best in their exam. Although many skills I refer to in this blog may well be relevant to the higher level paper, I am mainly catering for the student struggling to get their elusive grade C at foundation level: supporting at the bottom. Follow me on Twitter @cazzwebbo

Cheers, Carol

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  1. Dear Dr Webb,

    My name is Kalin and I’m a student at the University of Worcester, UK. I just wrote a book on how students can get better grades at University.

    Despite working 30+ hours a week, being an institute representative, and a society vice president, I still managed to get two academic scholarships for excellence.

    Therefore, I think this guide is perfect for those who don’t have the time to just be studying constantly. It’ll also spare them time and effort trying to tediously figure things out on their own like I had to.

    It’s up now on Kindle for 99p until the 24 of December, after which it’ll be at £2.29:


    Is there any way you could help me spread the word about it? I really think it can help a lot of students, especially those who are too busy to just be studying all day!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I look forward to your response!

    Kind regards,
    Kalin Delev


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